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Screenshot RT Canada Feb 2019

TV-Interview: See me in my child’s room

Strange to me! What for a huge machinery here suddenly works for me around. In the USA, the agency 42West takes care of the media. And every one to two days, they send an email to my mom listing what has been reported about me. I also notice myself how much the interview requests have increased since the nominations for the Golden Globe and the SAG Awards. I’m really happy about that. But I am, as above all, a Berlin student. It is already clear to me that a few more changes will come this year. But my friends remain my friends. And I’m super happy that you see it that way too!



This is, how the daily email from 42west looks like

Okay. And here’s a look at my child’s room. Because of the Coronavirus situation interviews are usually made remotely. So I was at home when Carlos Bustamente from ET Canada interviewed me. You can see the interview when you click the button.

Screenshot RT Canada Feb 2019

My child’s room behind me while being interviewed by Carlos Bustamente