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Helena and Mama

The Daily Telegraph says I could win the award. My mom says…

Hi, this is Anne Zengel writing, Helena’s Mom. Among the many articles that are being published about Helena at the present, one I particularly noticed in the Daily Telegraph – and about which I would like to say a few words.

One is that the author traced Helena’s story impressively detailed and apparently had sources in the film business that provided him with background information. In fact, System Crusher hit the industry and brought Helena to the forefront of directors and producers with a bang. Paul Greengrass’ casting went exactly as he described it. It’s also true that Helena bite my hand. The author obviously has done a lot to gather lively details.

The other is his prognosis about next steps and successes. Above all, he doesn’t hesitate to express something, which touches kind of superstitious German Angst. Does Helena really get the awards for which she has already been nominated? And does an Oscar follow in the end? These are questions that you as a normal person hardly dare to ask. They are about spheres we have not even dreamed of until recently. I’m a normal mother and Helena is a normal child. We live in a rental apartment in Berlin. And yet a world is emerging here that is so immeasurably large and wide that it is still bursting with my imagination.

However, you can just turn it around and turn it the way you want: What Tim Robey writes in the Daily Telegraph could really come like that. Why am even I by myself so reluctant to let those perspective come near us? Maybe it’s just a special German quirk that limits joyful anticipation – instead of enjoying it and rejoicing freely. And if it turns out differently, then you had the good fortune and still look forward to it, because Helena is still starting up. She has a whole life ahead of her and every amount of time. And let’s be honest: the nominations for the Golden Globe and SAG Awards are already the hammer!

So we relax and look with a lot of confidence at what life will still give us.