Helena Zengel

Helena wins Phoenix Film Critics Society Award

The professional film critics in Arizona have awarded Helena for Best Performance by a Youth. She received the price for her role in News of the World with Tom Hanks. The award was given without any ceremony just via mail due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Phoenix Film Critics Society Award is Helena’s first in the US during this season. With the Golden Globe she had been nominated but not awarded.

There will be more award ceremonies for Helena coming up. Next will be the Critics Choice Award (March 8th). Helena is nominated for the category Best Young Actress.

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  1. Manuel Cobos Ruiz
    Manuel Cobos Ruiz says:

    Hi Helena, my name is Manuel and I am Spanish. I don’t speak German and I speak English a little bit, so excuse me if my English isn’t so fine. The movie is great and your role is a masterpiece. Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors but in my opinion in the movie, your role is much better than Tom’s role. When I watched the movie, I was impressed by your performance. You are a fantastic actress, and I hope you continue to make movies in the future, because you deserve it. You are already a star of world cinema. Congratulations!!! And your web is so awesome.

  2. Jenny Broadhead
    Jenny Broadhead says:

    Helena I adored your performance in your 1st American movie, The Words of the World with Tom Hanks. Did you enjoy the filming and working with Mr. Hanks? I predict you will have many, many awards in the future with films. I look forward to seeing more of your movies and an American Academy award in your hand! 🙂 I am not young anymore and at 65 I adore movies! Watch them every day I can. I was born here in the United States in the state of Washington on the Pacific coast in Spokane which is in the eastern side of Washington. I have 1 sister and 1 brother and many nieces and nephews. I could not have children but worked driving school buses so that counts doesn’t it 🙂 I was raised in the country with horses. I learned to ride, take care of them, show them at horse shows and I adore them. I no longer have horses, but I collect horse tack (their saddles, bridles, bits, etc. ) and fix them up. I live in the country still. I don’t like the cities.. too many people! I have a dog named Hanna and she helps me out a lot. I love her very much. I could send you a picture of her if you want. Please tell me more about yourself and your family. Love to be your pen pal and even though I am much older, I am still young at heart <3 Your American friend, Jenny

  3. Alvian Hasby
    Alvian Hasby says:

    Hi Helena, I’m from Indonesia, sorry if my English is not good. I just watched the movie News of the World. I just found out about you in the entertainment world through that film. Your performance with Tom Hanks is amazing, your acting, your expression, everything looks so natural. Congratulations on your achievement!

  4. Dave Delaney
    Dave Delaney says:

    Hello –

    Kudos on your performance in News of the World. It was quite remarkable. We (my family) live in Texas and I am somewhat familiar with the history. You and the film captured it. Thank you.

    -Dave Delaney

  5. Lee Andrews
    Lee Andrews says:

    Hi Helena, I just saw “News of the World” & was thoroughly enchanted by your nuanced & powerful performance in this poignant & elegiac Western drama! You are the most talented & charismatic young actress I have seen in years & I wish you all success in your future endeavours!

  6. Lynne
    Lynne says:

    I just watched News of the World. You did such an amazing job. Your facial expressions told such a believable story.
    Your character suffered so much and you made me believe it.
    Congratulations and keep up the great work!


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